Friday, 19 February 2010

Spending cuts

Looks like a was a little prematurely optimistic about the whole internet being all fine and dandy so this may have to be brief again.

Anyway I'm sure a lot of you are angry at the prospect of severe public service cuts that both parties Labour and Conservative seem intent on inflicting on us next year regardless who wins the next election. The impending cuts are especially maddening as they go against all that we’ve learned from our past experiences of recession and depressions (New deal, five year plans, four year plans etc.) but also the lessons weve been learning form this particular recession; every country that has come out of recession before us has done it via increased public spending and nationalisation. However there is a way we might be able to help stop the incoming cull at least from the Labour side.

38 Degrees
is running a petition to Alastair Darling to coincide with a letter signed by 58 economists to get the Chancellor to stop this madness before it can begin.

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