Saturday, 21 September 2019

Report On The Revolutionary Movement In Barcelona - 1936

Shortly after rising up to expel the Fascist sympathising army from Barcelona the CNT Anarchosyndicalist Union produced a documentary film called Reportaje del movimiento revolucionario en Barcelona (Report on the Revolutionary Movement in Barcelona) its somewhat famous in war documentary circles. Unfortunately by Spanish is poor and it seemed impossible to track down an English translation.

Fortunately the search has borne fruit.
Probably the first news film of the war, this report from the recently collectivized film industry documents the scene in Barcelona in the early days of the war/revolution following the defeat of the initial coup attempt. Footage of the aftermath of clashes (including the assault on the Atarazanas barracks) & jubilant crowds are a prominent sight in this report. In definitely captures the spirit of the early stages of the revolution.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

The Idea is the Thing - Alexander Berkman

Tyranny must be opposed at the start. Autocracy, once secured in the saddle, is diffucult to dislodge. If you believe that America is entering the war "to make democracy safe," then be a man and volunteer.
But if you know anything at all, then you should know that the cry of democracy is a lie and a snare for the unthinking. You should know that a republic is not synonymous with democracy, and that America has never been a real democracy, but that it is the vilest plutocracy on the face of the globe.
If you can see, hear, feel, and think, you should know that King Dollar rules the United States, and that the workers are robbed and exploited in this country to the heart's content of the masters.
If you are not deaf, dumb, and blind, then you know that the American bourgeois democracy and capitalistic civilization are the worst enemies of labor and progress, and that instead of protecting them, you should help to fight to destroy them.
If you know this, you must also know that the workers of America have no enemy in the toilers of other countries. Indeed, the workers of Germany suffer as much from their exploiters and rulers as do the masses of America.
You should know that the interests of Labor are identical in all countries. Their cause is international.
Then why should they slaughter each other?
The workers of Germany have been misled by their rulers into donning the uniform and turning murders. So have the workers of France, of Italy, and England been misled. But why should *you*, men of America, allow yourselves to be misled into murder or into being murdered?
If your blood must be shed, let it be in defense of your own interests, in the war of the workers against their despoilers, in the cause of real liberty and independence.

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