Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rod Liddle and the Independant

Some what more hopeful news on the front of popular activism this time, Rod looked set to become the new Editor of the Independent (yes you read right, Rod Liddle the man who once blamed the Afro-Caribbean community for most of Britains crime is a potential top dog for the Independent). However the vile Rod Liddle has run into a lot of opposition. There is a Facebook group and a campaign coordinated by LiberalConspiracy, LeftFootForward, and 38Degrees, This campaign does seem to be working as the new owner Lebedev who saw the contemptuous Liddle as a sure thing but is now reconsidering,but it is not over yet, the campaign is now moving onto a much bigger and my view ingenious tactic of running news paper ads condeming Liddle in the Independent itself. To do this however they need funds if you'd like to help you can donate here, and if the Indy doesn't run the ads they'll go to a number of charities.

Now I myself am only a casual reader of the Indy but I do fully support the marginalisation of Rod Liddle and think helping to stop him spouting his bile is worth £1-£10 of anyones money. And if your still not sure then feel free to take a llook at some Roddys journalistic views here.

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