Sunday, 21 February 2010

Power 2010

This is coming abit late I know, but here comes another internet style campaign for reforms in the guise of the 2010 power movement. There are a number of very important constitutional issues such as proportional representation, a no to ID cards, or a Bill of Rights, and a Codified Constitution. If you haven't already I strongly suggest you cast your votes as theirs only one day left till the vote ends. In addition it also has a number of other pressure groups backing it as well including Republic (a campaign for an elected head of state) and the laboriously mentioned 38 degrees. It looks like this election will either end in a hung parliament or a narrow majority and with all three main... well all 2 and a half main parties are desperate to appear radical and Populist so there is a real opportunity for some radical reforms to make there way onto the political agenda if enough people complain about it. But I guess time will tell.

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