Thursday, 27 May 2010

its good to own land.

Good news everyone I have recently become an owner of some land how do you like that Kropotkin! But in all seriousness I'm not selling out its actually to help people incidentally so is the mansion I'm planning to build on it as soon as I can smuggle enough Romanian brickeys to build it.

All joking aside this genuinely a good thing as its part of 38 degrees Trip up Trump campaign. The one too stop Billionaire corporate tyrant from building a vast country club golf course with luxury housing, Bastard! well actually he is a bastard because the plans need so much space that many local residents will be forced to evicted under the Compulsory Purchase Powers and the collusion of the local council.

There are several ways to you can help stop this either by say signing this petition or by becoming a co-owner of a plot of land right in the middle of the proposed site for free here . This is actually pretty ingenious as it will make it much more difficult to forcefully buy out the land when they have to consult and or gain consent from the large numbers of people all over the country. So please sign up you can help some innocent people and become a member of the landed gentry for free!

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