Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy Birthday

Hello all, hows the new year treating you? Things have been a bit anti climatic for me, Anyhow Long time readers ( a good twelve of you) may remember that this blog was started by me back in the 4th of January last year which makes this a bit late but I was a good 50K from the nearest computer until yesterday. Anyway I thought I'd carry on a tradition I had in the early days by copying another of Phil's features the annual blog birthday and recap.

So here we go, I started this little blog for what I think are pretty common reasons for setting up politically orientated blogs and sites, attempting to get rid of the feelings of alienation and powerlessness, as well practice my argumentative abilities and get back into the habit of writing again. Under no illusions I've aimed small where growth is concerned, My aim was about a 100+ hits a month, And I'm pleased to say the very low bar has been passed by a good margin. I even have a Twitter now to help the curious stay up to date.

My top three most popular posts according to the new google stats is:

1) The Ballad of Ho Chi Minh, thats not too surprising given that the song itself is rather memorable was you've heard it and Ewan Maccoll the singer was quite an important member of British musical protest movement. unfortunately though despite this Ewan and the Ballad haven't transferred to the web very well and have become somewhat obscure which would explain why my blog with lyrics and an actual video made by (Workergirls)being a very popular destination for his fans.

2) Is Fatah vs Hamas, This used to be number one before the Father of the Viet people knocked down, I find this one quite strange as while its good that the plight of Palestine is getting attention all the other posts relating to Palestine are extremely low down the rankings.

3) Nuclear Proliferation and 21st Century Real Politik , I should point out that the gap between this one and the other two is quite large, I think this one got a boost because the story was quite contentious and was part of an already quite divisive and scrutinised issue, Iran and nuclear weapons.

So there we go, the only thing that could make this past year better (for my blog anyway) is the news that the grain harvest has exceeded targets by 200%. Try and have a good year everyone.

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