Friday, 13 August 2010

Nuclear Proliferation and 21st Century Real Politik

It recently been discovered that the United States has been working on a deal to supply Vietnam with access to Nuclear fuel as well as the benefit of US nuclear information and reactor parts in a bid to weaken China's political clout in the region.

Ever since Vietnam embraced "Market Socialism" in a economic restructuring similar to China's under Deng Xiaoping, it has enjoyed economic growth but had a hard time combating inequality and the new demands on its energy networks and turned to nuclear power to fill the holes. A number of companies including from Russia and China were in negotiations for the contracts at the time the US stepped in.

You might notice that this agreement makes the US protestations over the Iranian nuclear program and there "fears" over nuclear proliferation seem farcical would that that were the end of the US and the West's hypocrisy on this matter.

Below is the news story that Turkey and Brazil were able to not only get Iran to agree to a deal that was nearly word for word what the official Western policy was with the exception that Iran could seek compensation if Turkey did not deliver on its part within a certain time. Naturally this deal was seized on by a rejoicing Whitehouse right? Wrong. Obama and Cameron refused to recognise the deal and continued scare-mongering about Islamic atom bombs.

But why you might ask? its simple the US won't accept the deal because it was not present at the talks and neither were any other Western nation safely tucked away in its sphere to look like America's interests were being served. To give there blessing to a deal not brokered by the West or a big power like the old USSR, new Russia or the PRC sets a dangerous precedent for are world hegemony, it will say that the world can run itself without guidance or support thereby weakening US influence globally as nations no longer have to choose a "us or them" style in international relations.

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