Sunday, 11 April 2010

BBC Cuts

Good afternoon everyone, I've just realised that we've been in the whole new month of April for 11 days and I have yet to talk about 38 degrees. Well don't worry I'll correct that oversight right now, by talking about 38 degrees.

Anyway there current Campaigns revolve around the Tobin Tax, a US style recall law for MPs, and the main subject of today's post a campaign to prevent major cuts to the BBC.

Now I know I have been very critical of the BBC at times and there are a number of very serious complaints that can be levelled against it but nevertheless I fully support this campaign. Why? well its really a question of priorities, you see the main cheerleaders for a weakened BBC are the Daily Mail and News International, both of which are much worse. Though the Daily Mail isn't really in a position to profit too much from any wounds to the BBC especially given that many of the proposed cuts will affect the BBC's radio department However news international certainly will be.

Also this particular campaign marks a bit of a shift from 38 degrees usual mode of operation. As well as the usual internet petition 38 degrees has also been canvassing support from MPs and candidates , some of which have signed there pledge. And they also been busy raising money for a series of billboard advertisements around the Country. That last part really makes me excited for two reasons, First it shows that the group is growing and becoming a much more serious activist group. And Second this idea has a promising precedent, you my remember why back in the distant past of February 2010 back when Rod Liddle was on the verge of becoming editor of the Independent (no this isn't a late April fools joke that was actually a very real possibility) it was the fact that the anti Rod campaign was willing to raise money and buy adverts (in the independent no less) attacking Rod as well as al the protest emails and petitions that finally clinched it. So hopefully the ad campaign will have the same effect.

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