Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Far Right Internet and Death threats

Are politics on the internet. Youtube personality Richard (the Dick) Coughlan has had a somewhat mixed reaction to his BNP exposures last week, the video below is from a self confessed BNP supporter and comrade of Combat 18 and is definitely in the "not a fan" column of Coughlan's BNP series and decided to leave the ranks of the silent majority and use his democratic rights to register his discontent.

He does this by threatening to go on down to Faversham with a crew of boys to beat the shit out of him. Truly Democracy in action.

Now this is the internet and that death threat was clearly all bluster, and it is true that every political movement has those oddballs and quacks among there ranks to ensure embarrassment for all. But in the case of the BNP this kind of behaviour is nothing exceptional and is in danger of becoming quite mundane.

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