Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Face of British terrorism

The UK has been blighted by a long history of political violence (terrorism) and sadly as the 21st century has shown that heritage to still be quite popular with certain groups in our society. We all know about 7/7 and the news happily drives to down town Belfast every time a dissident Irish Republican or Unionist drunkard get fed up with not being allowed to get a gang together to take out there frustrations on the nearest "proddy" or "papist" like in the good old days of the troubles, and starts lashing out to wreck the peace process.

But theres one group that kind of gets overlooked its the good old home grown white power survivalist groups of terrorists. The BNP has a rather chequered history with groups and individuals who are shall we say a couple of bourbons short of full biscuit tin.

The one who takes the cake of course is the case of Robert Cottage and Davis Jackson, a summary of there arrests can be seen below.

Another special mention goes to Terrence Gavan a nail bomb maker.

Acts like these tend to be ignored by the main stream media, the case in the video above received only a brief mention in the Newsbriefs section in the Sunday Times. Reasons for this differ wildly but the most logical seems to be that White nationalist terrorism doesn't really fit into the atmosphere of fear that the war on terror phenomena has cultivated, in that the main enemy in this narrative are the "Islamic, and the middle eastern" so editors and the like probably don't think that these stories would get as much attention as they would if Robert and Terrence were called Ahkmed and Ali.

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