Monday, 31 May 2010

Israeli commandos kill 20 peace activists

I'm sure you've probably heard of this appalling criminal action undertaken by Israel's security forces against Turkish solidarity activists as they were delivering aid to the blockaded territory of Gaza. Madam Miaow has a much more in depth anylisis of the events here complete video footage of the boarding. And Alex Snowdon as chair of the Tyneside Palestine Solidarity campaign has been organising protests for tomorrow here and you can see contact information for are new foreign secretary here.

As appalling as this attack is I honestly can't say I was surprised as taking a look back at the mounting pressure Israel was placing on previous aid convoys including the last one organised by George Galloway and Viva Palestina which culminated in Egyptian riot police impounding and assaulting activists . It was clear that the aid convoys are a continued humiliation to Tel-Aviv which has been trying to starve the Palestinians into admission in Gaza since 2006, by not only delivering vital supplies that ensure that the Palestinians can go on surviving a little longer, and by showing up the IDF the main pillar Israel and sacred cow of Zionism as impotent.

This looks set to continue as Turkey has stated that all other convoys to Gaza will enjoy the protection of the Turkish Navy no doubt further humiliating the Hawks of Tel-Aviv.

Edit: sorry about the lateness of this, but the death toll was 9, when I started writing this the details were quite sketchy and "around 20" kept coming up. However the cases of series injury by the commandos are at the 30 mark.

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