Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Dust begins to settle

Well May 6th was interesting. Not really sure what happens now, guess its just wait and see for the back room boys to hammer out a deal. While I'm not happy Labour are in second place and parties like Respect failed to make headway, I can't be totally depressed as the Conservatives despite getting the most seats can only regard this as a failure. I mean considering what assets they had,they had 90% of the National press, (The Guardian, and the Independent back the Liberals) the Only papers that still backed Labour were the Mirror and the Morning Star, They also had Lord Ashcroft with a free hand to spend as much money as he wanted thanks to that bizarre Court ruling, and of course they were campaigning against a government that had been in power for over ten years. With that 2010 should have been Labours 1997 moment and been completely obliterated.

But well they weren't, in fact some particularly the Left Labour Mp's actually increased their share of the votes and most of the "big name" scalps that were taken were the rightwingers, the corrupt or the chronic back stabbers , so again a mixed bag.

Also while were on the subject of coalitions, 38 Degrees is currently running two campaigns that will be off interest to some of you. There currently trying to put pressure on Lib Dems to hold true to there commitments on electoral reform, and to halt cuts to the BBC a prospect that seems increasingly likely since Cameron made a Faustian deal with News International (though is their really any other kind with Murdoch?).

Still it looks like we'll have to wait and see, what develops in the coming weeks.

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