Sunday, 2 May 2010

1975 For best year of May day?

Here is footage of the Vietnamese Peoples Army (North Vietnam) entering Saigon now Ho Chi Minh City. VPA tanks broke through the gates of the Presidential palace at 11:30 am April 30 and shortly after President Duong Van Minh surrender (after just two days in power) and the city official fell in time for the May Day celebrations.

May Day 1975 effectively ended over 116 years of conflict with colonial occupiers including Britain, Japan, China and of course France and the USA.The ending of the Vietnam war also mark a period of decline in US power in South East Asia and the world. This decline is perhaps best illustrated in the case of Cambodia were instead of intervening to suppress Pol Pot as the Domino effect theory the rational for intervention in Vietnam would seem to dictate, they instead took a much more neutral tone leaving the newly unified Socialist Republic of Vietnam to halt the genocidal tendancies of the Khmer Rouge in 1979.

And yes that is the Vietnamese version of the Internationale, I find it much more catchy then the English version.

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