Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The end of the Mother of all Talk shows?

Apologies as this is a bit late but, it seems like George Galloway's Four year long radio show on Talksport has been brought to an end. You can read George's take on it here.

And here is his farewell's.

Now George is something of a Controversial figure for the left and I know not everyone will be as sad to see him go as I am.

However personal preferences aside I do feel that the ending of the Mother of All Talk shows is detrimental to political discussions in Britain. Can any one out there name another prominent Left wing pundit in the regularly seen in the mainstream media?

Still this new Internet show he talks about looks somewhat promising especially if he can get a few more talking heads on, though the ability to get a large mainstream audience seems a bit challenging; though he does have a few ways of self publicising(the Daily Record Column, his own website, His job at Press TV etc.) But anyway good luck with your future George.

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  1. The only figure I can think of is Ken Livingstone. Talksport have made a huge error in doing this. As George said, he regularly brought in audiences of 400,000; usually unthinkable for a radio show on a Friday and Saturday night.


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