Sunday, 26 November 2017

Albert Woodfox Black Panther and Prison Organiser in his own words

This is part of a podcast series where political prisoners describe how they became victims of state repression and the conditions in the prisons they've been sent to.This one is by Albert Woodfox a Black Panther and prison organiser and details his struggles within the Louisiana State Penitentiary and the effects of solitary confinement. A short history of the Angola prison chapter can be found here

Albert Woodfox endured 44 years in solitary confinement - more than anyone else in the US. When he was imprisoned in Louisiana in the 1970s, racism was rife. Albert took a stand - and it cost him. Hear why Albert was punished over the odds and how he survived 44 years in isolation. In Their Own Words is a podcast from Amnesty International, where people around the world tell their extraordinary stories of fighting for their rights.

The Angola 3, Wallace, Wilkerson and Woodfox

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