Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Totalitarian Tourism

I went to Bavaria recently, and spent sometime visiting historical sites, including Dachau and the Nuremberg Nazi rally grounds, I ended my tour with a visit to the court room at Nuremberg. This wasn't really planned but I saw the cradle and the grave of Nazism and witnessed the beginning of their infamy, in beautiful 30+degree weather.


 As the first concentration camp complex Dachau housed a very diverse host of prisoners, one from Ireland and another person from Andorra for example.

And of course the site is home to artistic responses to the crimes that were born there.

Hidden behind the camp is a small Orthodox Chapel dedicated to the Soviet Prisoners of war killed at the camp.

While in Nuremberg I found a tour of the old famous Nazi rally grounds, the one from Triumph of the Will and countless reprintings in text books. Giant buildings that were never finished and were supposed to be the Pyramids of the Third Reich, last thousands of years, they barely made it into the seventies before having to be propped up by the municipal government to prevent collapse.

The Courtroom: 

The tour ended at the court room(still in use today) where the Nuremberg Trials took place.

My mother and I lit candles in remembrance

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