Saturday, 22 April 2017


A mutual acquaintance on a forum a go on wandered into an anime convention in the American south to kill some time. Like most bookfairs and conventions this one had a series of talks and panels. One of them was listed as being about LGBT themes and representation in Anime and Manga. And it was being hosted by a group called Southern Cospitality.

The talk was apparently very good and they grabbed the slides from the presentation. Having read the slides I agree its pretty interesting and enlightening. Japan is pretty in/famous for its non hetero characters in media, but a lot of the really popular and well known examples aren't exactly what you'd consider positive. A lot of its pornographic or teasing at pornography and mostly made for straight opposite sex audience to fantasize and indulge in what's essentially a fetish.

The slides go into much more detail about the bad, the good and the inbetween, so I'll just take a step back now.

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