Sunday, 25 May 2014

W- No, not by Oliver Stone

Below is a rather interesting biopic of former President of the United States of America, George "Dubya" Bush. Despite sharing a title and main character/subject with the Oliver Stone movie, they don't share much else. No this Dubya film is a response to the Bush years from an art house Liberal, with a capital L.

As satire it seems rather poor, it retreads much of the same ground, Bush is an idiot, Iraq was unjustified and motivated by greed, rigging elections and dropping the ball with Hurricane Katrina etc. And its performance art weirdness will probably alienate most of the audience meaning there isn't really much point in making it*. Though I personally love it, I've watched this strange clown film several times, because it seems that the director and star actor (same guy) was so bitter and desperate to caricature and attack American Conservatism that he ends up caricaturing and attacking American Liberalism in the process. Bush and his party of No are basically every Republican stereotype, and yet in making a film where these stereotypes are bluntly real and accurate the Director confirms a lot of the stereotypes of American Liberalism.

The explanation for Bush the idiot getting away with all his crazy and irrational policies and stunts, is basically that the average American or "Red State" American is even dumber then the big W. The Blue Liberals like Moller have pretty much all the right answers and yet they are impotent and powerless to stop eight long years of war, corruption and incompetence. And its all because the average Joe doesn't want to listen to there fancy talk and is easily distracted.

This couldn't get more stereotypical if the Demo party of Yes HQ was in a literal Ivory tower. The whole face paint and chroma key film is just Liberal bitterness and elitism fumbling in its attempt to come to terms with its most devastating defeat in recent history.  An equally appropriate title for the film would be "Impotent Rage: 2000-08" it really is quite something. The film is like a cage fight between two people I can't stand, no matter who loses I'll be happy and if they both get a mauling that's just perfect.

Oh and I'm pretty sure the film maker was an Obama supporter since he basically calls Clinton a whore in most confusing and "Artistic" way possible.

I give this film 7 WMD's out of 10.

* Personally I actually quite like it, but rather then enjoying the "deeper meanings" I find the scenes and images amusing and strange.

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