Tuesday, 6 May 2014



On Sunday I went with some mates to Grimsby V Gateshead, while there I'm reminded of why so many fans from virtually every club all hate the police. If you have a friend or family member who still refuses to believe the police are a violent force that keeps working people in line and can and will use its powers when it feels like it, then take them to an away game, then they'll soon learn.

Now the reason why an away game is a perfect example of the Coppers typical behaviour is simply really. They can and will get away with it, the rest of British society even those who don't watch or play football hate hooligans. And if you're a football fan in trouble with the police then you must be a hooligan. Also since the fans are on an away the police don't have to worry too much since the fans will be leaving the same day, they don't know the area and have no connections or roots to the town. Also thanks to football tribalism most locals will be quite happy to see the other side get a pasting.

And the club is no help, fearing being made liable for damages or getting a reputation that will hurt merchandising they'll remain silent or make press statements condemning there own fans for the crime of getting a truncheon to the face and a night in the cells.

Anyway here's a song about the thin blue line by Bristol Anarchist duo QELD

"When a person becomes a policeman, he has sold his class interests, he has crossed a class line, he is in the paid employment of the ruling class, he is a part of the private army of the ruling class which exists for the sole purpose of defending private property and profits."

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