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The Nazi's and Islam: Why Even Hitler is too "Liberal" for the New Far Right

After the end of World War II and the revelations of the extent of the Holocaust came to light the back of militant anti-Semitism was broken pretty much for good. Unfortunately Jews to this day continue to be victims of discrimination, stereotyping and isolated incidents of more serious abuse. But the point stands that since 1945 there has no group that openly advocates the total extermination of the Jews has ever managed to grow beyond a few hundred at most, the few exceptions were ones that targeted more acceptable scapegoats (immigrants usually) and managed to keep the "Jewish problem" and their favourite solution hidden for awhile.
Hard to believe that this was once Britain's fourth largest party when the Blacks and Asians gave them plenty of targets.

 Whilst the BNP has been critical of the rise of the English Defence League, the NF has been vehemently critical of what it describes as the EDL’s ‘Zionism’

As a result a lot of today's Hitler worshippers and Neo-Nazi's have started downplaying the Rabbi bashing rhetoric and "Kike" jokes and joined in the anti-Muslim crowd. This has two advantages for them one, unlike Judaism most people don't consider Islam a race* so their inoculated from the dreaded R word that's caused their past projects so much trouble. And its simply much more popular and mainstream to bash the Muslims then it is the Jews, so the opportunities for serious growth are much better here then they are in the Goose stepping brigades.

There's just one really big problem with this strategy for genuine worshippers of the Reich's Church. The actual living Nazi's not only did not include Islam in their lengthy list of enemies, they actually counted several high ranking Muslims as their allies and inducted them into high positions within the Nazi War machine.

From EDL News

Well at least one of them actually knows his history, though his use of the word "unfortunately" makes his comment the weakest criticism of the jumped up Corporal I've ever seen. He's correct in what he says, their were several SS divisions comprised largely of Bosniak Muslims,however the plan was to recruit exclusively (apart from senior officers) from the Muslim population to build several mountain divisions but when recruitment fell well short they had to make up the difference from Croat Catholics making these divisions not only Muslim but integrated as well.

Note the SS err Fez badges

 There were two Bosniak Muslim divisions established, the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) and the 23rd Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Kama (2nd Croatian). And a third Muslim Division was also created though this time from Albanian Muslims the 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg (1st Albanian) though that one never grew beyond 6,000 men in size (so about a Brigade). Apparently the decision to create these Muslim SS Divisions came right from the top of the Nazi hierarchy with Himmler deciding to copy the Austro-Hungarian Empire's tradition of Mountain units comprised of Muslims. "He thought that Muslim men would make perfect SS soldiers as Islam "promises them Heaven if they fight and are killed in action."

And when local Muslim Clerics opposed recruitment drives the Nazi's appealed to the Mufti of Jerusalem, whom while not an equivalent to the Pope is afforded much the same respect as he is in charge of the Al Aqsa Mosque were Muhammad is said to have ascended into Heaven. The Mufti agreed and went over the local Muslim clerics heads.

Here he is inspecting the troops
  In addition the 13th Mountain Division was awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross an honour earned by personal bravery and/or successful military leadership. Oh and one more interesting bit of trivia, like most Divisions the 13th had a song theirs was called "To Battle with a Song" here's the lyrics.

Pjesma ječi, sva se zemlja trese, A song is in the air, the entire earth is shaking,
SS-vojska stupa roj u roj, Columns of SS men march in step,
SS-vojska sveti barjak vije. SS men wave the sacred banners.
SS-vojska sve za narod svoj. SS men do everything for the people.
Daj mi ruku ti, draga Ivana, Give me your hand, dear Ivana,
oj s Bogom sad, oj s Bogom sad, oj s Bogom sad Follow God now, Follow God now, Follow God now
idem branit, idem branit, idem branit mili, I shall defend, I shall defend, I shall defend my beloved
rodni kraj, rodni kraj. Homeland, Homeland
U boj smjelo vi SS-junaci SS men are heroes in battle
pokažite domovini put! Show our homeland the way
Pođite putem slavnih pradjedova Follow the road of our glorious grandfathers
dok ne padne tiran klet i ljut. Until tyranny falls, cursed and bitter
Ljubav naša nek u srcu plamti, Let love burn in our hearts
i sa pjesmom pođimo u boj. And with a song let's enter battle
Za slobodu mile domovine To liberate our beloved homeland
svaki rado dat će život svoj. For which anyone would gladly sacrifice his life.

Now in addition to lyrics every song has a tune, To Battle with a Songs was Bombs on England by Herms Niel.

The song in all its glory.

So what have we learned? That Hitler worshippers are thick I guess, but then I'm pretty sure we all knew that already.

* Though given that most of these groups associate whites being non Islamic and cry about birth rates the exceptions to this rule seem to come predominantly from the anti Muslim crowd.

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