Friday, 17 May 2013

Glenn Beck Ruins my Childhood One Film at a Time

I'm a subscriber to the youtube channel of Right Wing Watch (RWW) an American pressure group that publishes interviews, speeches and sound bites from America's extreme right, so its mostly religious fundamentalists and incredibly partisan Republican careerists. As an aside while much of the content the group uploads is funny its actually quite surprising and just a little scary just how prominent some of the regular characters are. You could make a similar channel with much the same content in Britain and I suspect most nations, however I like to think (feel free to call me naive) that in Britain all the features would be small name big ego's attached to a tiny political party with a membership of three and an internet radio show listened to by no one.

Sadly RWW often has state and federal Congressmen and Congresswomen and even a few former Presidential Candidates. Fortunately those candidates only played well with a few parts of the Republican party base but its worrying to know that the most powerful military state in the world could of been won by a man who thinks God is directly telling him what to do, or that the world is about to end, and that's a good thing.

Unsurprisingly arguably RWW's most common "guest" is the globally infamous Glenn Beck. Yes that's right America, the world knows your secret shame that you let clear mental patients dance around on television.  I first encountered Mr Beck wacthing Charlie Brooker's Newswipe and my was I in for a treat. Incidentally the same program also introduced me to Bill "We'll do it live" O'Reilly and I honestly thought he was the worst of the bunch. That thought lasted about ten seconds, guess who popped up next?

At around 6:30

You know who else liked to gesture while making speeches? That's right Hitler!

This has been going on for years, but now Beckie seems to be making it personal by taking films from my childhood putting them on his vast chalkboard conspiracy.

First we have him comparing himself to Back to the Future III

Now I know most consider III to be the worst one, but I still like it, or at least I used to like it. Now I'm afraid that if I watch it again my mind will be focussed of acquiring Gold and irrelevant quotations by the Founding Fathers. Oh and for me this is the final piece of evidence in the Glenn Beck is an actor/con artist, the way he says he believes III happened so casually means he's either completely insane (in which case he should of had a very public meltdown) or just playing a part.

But it gets worse, next up we have Beck's rip off... I mean "homage" to the Untouchables.  And probably the strangest video I've seen outside of an art film.

Yes I saw Untouchables as a child what of it?though I do find it amusing how even he's aware of how much he prattles on about the "Founding Fathers" in fact he obsesses over absentee fathers more then any child of divorce I ever met. But I have to wonder what's next? Please, please, please don't let it be Blade Runner (yes I saw that as a child too) or Ghost Busters.... Well maybe the sequel.

You know who else loved Foxes? Thats right, Hitler!

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