Sunday, 28 April 2013

Workers Memorial Day 2013

Today (28/04/2013) was Workers Memorial Day an important though sadly neglected event that gives us all a chance to remember those who were quite literally killed by their jobs. And highlight the importance of Health and Safety despite it being the favourite punchline to jokes.

The attendence was very good just a little below that which turns out for Remembrance Sunday. Sadly though that's probably due to the fact that since North East Lincolnshire is unlike rural Lincolnshire proper heavily industrialised, with Lindsey Oil Refinery and Connoco Phillips being just next door in Killingholme, and surrounded by many smaller chemical plants like Millennium Crystal. Thats in addition to having two very large and active dockyards very close to each other. Which means we have a high work related fatality rate. Though it does reinforce the importance of the day.

"Nobby" Styles UNITE Rep and main organiser of the Memorial
In attendence were the relatives of those whom lost their lives at work, most of the local Labour Party, a small number of Liberal Democrats, representatives from the local Unions (mostly UNITE and ASLEF) Thompson's solicitors and several companies. The service was facilitated by the Merchant Navy Association and Vickers one of our local Priests. It was religous but in a vague way and used the most worker friendly passages from the Bible.

Neil Castle Immingham Town Mayor (Labour)

North East Lincolnshire Mayor Mike Burton (Labour)

There were quite a few reefs laid by the Plaque, and the weather remained clear throughout. Over all despite still being neglected the service is growing in the region, Grimsby and Cleethorpes also have services and the number of companies agreeing to take part has increased. Also in attendence was local MP Martin Vickers (Conservative) he gave a luke warm speech and looked very uncomfortable when other reef layers criticised the cuts to the Health and Safety Executive, and the reforms  to Industrial Tribunals that make it harder to prosecute negligent employers, but he did show up so credit there. The fact he did attend and present a reef is an example of the growing acceptance and support of the day.

Scunthorpe a town in Northern Lincolnshire not too far away (they're are main footie rivals) held its first ever Memorial event this year which means the day is spreading nationally. Most of the credit for North East Lincolnshire's Memorial Day growth goes to Nobby Styles a UNITE rep who really worked hard to get everyone to lend their support. If you get local news you'll have seen him on the telly this past week promoting as much as possible.

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