Friday, 14 September 2012

9/11 First Responders Still not Receiving proper Medical Care

In the hours, days, and months following the September 11th terrorist attacks, thousands of first-responders and workers took part in the recovery efforts and removal of debris in lower Manhattan. Many were exposed to harmful chemicals, such as benzene, petroleum, asbestos, dioxin and other toxic substances. Federal officials in Washington and New York downplayed the dangers of working at the site and, according to government documents and whistleblowers, concealed or misrepresented information that could have spared thousands from exposure. In 2010, after mounting pressure, lawmakers passed the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, but only after funding was decreased. Cancer was also excluded from the list of illnesses. That changed Monday, when The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health said some 50 types of cancer would be covered for monitoring and treatment by the program. For more we’re joined by Captain Michael McPhillips. He worked in lower Manhattan and was later diagnosed with emphysema and other illnesses. He is the director of social services and benefits with the FealGood Foundation, an advocacy organization that aids workers from 9/11. He joins us from New York.

More on the FealGood Foundation:
For a list of the cancers covered under the new plan from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health:

In the aftermath of 9/11 just before the invasion of Afghanistan was confirmed and the troops were still being prepared, I can remember President Bush and New York Mayor Giuliani  had photo opportunities and speeches about the first responders, calling them hero's and doing their best to become associated with these men and women's adoration from the American people. That neither of those gentlemen bothered to help all those responders whose lives have subsequently been made hell for doing their jobs and helping their nation and city during a terrible crisis is damning.

It not only shows the callous disregard career politicians have for the people they supposedly serve so long as their own agenda's are advanced and their approval ratings kept in good health. It also shows America's health care system for what it is, a cruel joke. European health systems are not perfect, but I guarantee that if America (or at the very least New York State) had adopted any one of them those responders would of received proper treatment without the spectre of bankruptcy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to criticise current President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg both of whom have been in office now for several years, and as the above report makes clear haven't done anything to help these much lauded hero's either. In fact given Obama was pretty quick to congratulate himself for the passing of his extremely anaemic Health Care Reforms (Obamacare for Fox news viewers) the raw deal the first responders continues to receive clearly show his administration to be both callous and incompetent. It's true his reforms as weak as they were faced a lot of opposition but do you know what would of been a good counter to the critics? Creating a plan to give the first responders and others in similar situations like crisis management or emergency response assistance with their medical bills. This would not only give you some good propaganda but also clearly demonstrate how Government intervention in the Health system can be beneficial. It would also help out thousands of emergency service workers whom often have the dangerous nature of their work count against them in insurance premiums.

Here's a list of the responders suffering from absorption cancers acquired in the rubble of the World Trade Centre.

 1-R. Alexander Lung Cancer Deceased
2-J. Armenia Cancer
3-K. Arsenault Thyroid Cancer
4-V. Albanese Cancer Deceased
5-D. Armagno Liver Cancer
6-L. Angellone Lung Cancer
7-Anspach Esophageal Cancer Deceased
8-Archili Small Intestines Deceased
9-Aviles Brain Cancer Deceased
10-Aviles Lung Cancer Deceased
11-C. Acosta Testicular Cancer
12-M. Bishop Lung Cancer
13-T. Brophy Colon Cancer Deceased
14-D. Bayles Carcinoma
15-P. Bruno Skin Cancer
16-R. Brady Red Cell Cancer
17-F. Bolusi Brain Cancer Deceased
18-H. Brown Lung Cancer Deceased
19-F. Brinkworth Laryngeal Cancer Deceased
20-R. Burke Lung Cancer Deceased
21-Bassi Non-Small Cell Lung Deceased
22-Blovin Small Cell Lung Deceased
23-Boyles Pancreatic Cancer Deceased
24-Butler Colon Cancer Deceased
25-L. Blieka Prostate Cancer
26-Brown Rectal Cancer Deceased
27-R. Borcherding Cancer Deceased
28-K. Crzartoryski Lung Cancer Deceased
29-S. Callan Mesothelioma
30-R. Chelsen Multiple Myeloma Deceased
31-J. Claude Bone/Lung Cancer Deceased
32-J. Cahill Prostate Cancer
33-C. Caruso Thyroid Cancer
34-C. Clark Lung Cancer Deceased
35-D. Conroy Lung Cancer Deceased
36-J. Costello Lung Cancer Deceased
37-Cozza Leukemia Deceased
38-J. Colleluori Brain Cancer Deceased
39-Christiano Multiple Myeloma Deceased
40-Chiarantan Non-Small Cell Carcinoma Deceased
41-Collazo Leukemia Deceased
42-Casertano Cancer Deceased
43-D. Catapano Lymphocytic Leukemia
44-K. Cassidy Cancer Deceased
45-L. Dipasqua Digestive Cancer
46-B. Deblancio Prostate Cancer
47-J. Devlin Tongue/Lung Cancer
48-F. Doig Cancer
49-K. Delano Larynx Cancer Deceased
50-J. Duffy Leukemia Deceased
51-Diamond Cancer Deceased
52-Damiano Larynx Cancer Deceased
53-Davidson Lung Cancer Deceased
54-Duffy Lung Cancer Deceased
55-Dunn Gastric Carcinoma Deceased
56-K. Devine Leukemia
57-M. Debiase Cancer Deceased
58-B. Emery Cancer
59-R. Ehmer Kidney Cancer Deceased
60-Edwards Colon/Lung Deceased
61-B. Ellicott Cancer Deceased
62-B. Edwards Cancer
63-J. Ferraya Cancer
64-L. Ferrara Brain Cancer
65-V. Fristia Multiple Myeloma
66-J. Ferrari Cancer
67-T. Fay Non-Hodgkin’s
68-D. Fink Skin Cancer
69-L. Ferrell Squamous Cell
70-E. Ferraro Brain Cancer Deceased
71-B. Foss Stomach Cancer Deceased
72-W. Franklin Cancer Deceased
73-R. Ford Cancer Deceased
74-Fradella Lung Cancer Deceased
75-Folk Lung Cancer Deceased
76-Falu Lung Cancer Deceased
77-B. Galfano Intestinal Cancer Deceased
78-D. Gasak Thyroid Cancer
79-R. Geidel Cancer
80-M. Gavin Non-Hodgkin’s
81-R. Grossman Brain Cancer Deceased
82-M. Gallo Cancer
83-J. Garafolo Cancer
84-A. Gonzalez Thyroid Cancer
85-M. Gajewski Lung Cancer Deceased
86-Gyuris Leukemia Deceased
87-Gorman AML Leukemia Deceased
88-J. McFarland Brain Cancer Deceased
89-R. Helmke Cancer Deceased
90-A. Herrmann Cancer Deceased
91-A. Hoare Lung Cancer
92-R. Hauber Esophageal Cancer Deceased
93-S. Higts Cancer
94-K. Hawkins Kidney Cancer Deceased
95-W. Holfester Non-Hodgkin’s Deceased
96-D. Hoganson Prostate Cancer
97-Hubert Lung/Brain Cancer Deceased
98-R. Hillaire Thyroid Cancer
99-J. Hawe Cancer Deceased
100-G. Iacono Brain Cancer Deceased
101-A. Incarbone Lung Cancer Deceased
102-Isaac Cervical Cancer Deceased
103-J. Jones Cancer Deceased
104-S. Johnson Cancer Deceased
105-V. Johnson Cancer Deceased
106-Joseph Lung Cancer Deceased
107-M. Kendrick Lung Cancer Deceased
108-D. Knecht Lung Cancer Deceased
109-P. Kirshner Cancer
110-T. Lockwood Leukemia Deceased
111-Lewis Kidney Cancer Deceased
112-G. Levy Leukemia Deceased
113-Lorenzo Liver Deceased
114-F. Lombardo Follicular Lymphoma
115-D. Mahmoud Cancer Deceased
116-B. McCauley Cancer Deceased
117-T. McCaffrey Throat Cancer Deceased
118-J. McNamara Colon Cancer Deceased
119-P. Malano Lymphoma
120-M. Mahoney Cancer Deceased
121-B. McKiernan Cancer
122-J. McCabe Cancer
123-K. Meshia Cancer
124-J. Marino Non-Hodgkin’s
125-F. Macari Lung Cancer Deceased
126-R. Manetta Cancer Deceased
127-W. Marzocchi Blood Cancer Deceased
128-R. McCormick Non-Hodgkin’s Deceased
129-C. McMurray Brain Cancer Deceased
130-P. Murphy Cancer
131-J. Murray Colon Cancer Deceased
132-M. Morales Lung Cancer Deceased
133-S. McCarthy Cancer Deceased
134-S. Mosiello Cancer Deceased
135-V. Mauro Colon Cancer Deceased
136-Mazarese Colon Cancer Deceased
137-McAuslan Lung Cancer Deceased
138-Mungen Lymphoma Deceased
139-McCoy Lung Cancer Deceased
140-Melaniff Lung Cancer Deceased
141-Mollahan Kidney Cancer Deceased
142-Mucciola Cancer Deceased
143-Muligan Lung Cancer Deceased
144-C. Milosevich Lung Cancer Deceased
145-R. Natal Pancreatic Cancer Deceased
146-V. Navarra Lung Cancer Deceased
147-A. Nuccio Melanoma Deceased
148-T. Neal Cancer
149-W. O’Conner Lung Cancer Deceased
150-R. Oswain Cancer Deceased
151-O’Loughlin Stomach Cancer Deceased
152-Orsulich Lung Cancer Deceased
153-F. Paultre Cancer Deceased
154-G. Pennington Lymphoma Deceased
155-S. Petrovich Tongue Cancer
156-D. Phillips Cancer Deceased
157-Pacheco Gastric Cancer Deceased
158-Pappalardo Lung Cancer Deceased
159-Perrotti Renal Cancer Deceased
160-Puma Cancer Deceased
161-R. Pfiefer Cancer
162-G. Quibell AML Leukemia Deceased
163-B. Quick Cancer Deceased
164-P. Rooney Leukemia Deceased
165-L. Reiss Cancer
166-R. Ragucci Cancer Deceased
167-B. Richardson Cancer
168-R. Reilly Liver/Abdominal Cancer
169-P. Rodriguez Thyroid Cancer Deceased
170-J. Rodriguez Cancer
171-D. Reeve Mesothelioma Deceased
172-R. Ruggiero Cancer
173-T. Roberts Esophagus Cancer Deceased
174-J. Ryan Cancer Deceased
175-M. Ryan Lymphoma Deceased
176-S. Ryan Leukemia
177-Regan Pancreatic Cancer Deceased
178-R. Richards Multiple Myeloma
179-H. Smith Kidney Cancer Deceased
180-M. Summers Lung Cancer Deceased
181-G. Schump Non-Hodgkin’s
182-F. Stuck Throat Cancer Deceased
183-K. Specht Thyroid Cancer
184-R. Schor Carcinoma Deceased
185-M. Snadecky Cancer Deceased
186-W. St. George Cancer Deceased
187-J. Sullivan Pancreatic Cancer Deceased
188-J. Stroehlein Brain Cancer
189-J. Stillitano Cancer
190-A. Schille Multiple Myeloma
191-V. Scudieo Colon Cancer
192-Sciciliato Esophageal Cancer Deceased
193-Suweidan Cancer Deceased
194-M. Tom Liver/Brain Cancer Deceased
195-J. Thomas Lung Cancer Deceased
196-M. Tynan Prostate Cancer
197-M. Tervellione Cancer
198-W. Voight Cancer Deceased
199-C. Vidro Multiple Myeloma Deceased
200-B. Viania Lymphoma Deceased
201-Vincent Liver Deceased
202-E. Vallebuona Non-Hodgkin’s
203-R. Wiebicke Multiple Myeloma Deceased
204-J. Walcott Leukemia
205-R. Winter Leukemia Deceased
206-R. Williamson Cancer Deceased
207-J. Young Cancer Deceased
208-S. Yurek Brain Cancer Deceased
209-R. Zane Cancer Deceased
210-B. McFadzen Leukemia
211- J. Rodriguez Cancer
212-L. Heyward Lymphoma Deceased
213-A.Jurinko Pancreatic Deceased
214-M.Bananhan Throat Cancer
215-R. Lingo Lymphoma
216-D.Otten Cancer Deceased
217-P.Pallas Cancer Deceased
218-G.Allen Colon Cancer Deceased
219-F. Ghussin Cancer Deceased
220-R. Graves Cancer Deceased
221-R.Dillion Cancer Deceased
222-J.Daley Cancer Deceased
223-P.Farrenkopf Cancer Deceased
224-R.Hess Cancer Deceased
225-R.Hodges Cancer Deceased
226-E. Reilly Cancer Deceased
227-H.Wanamaker Cancer Deceased
228-P.Berger Cancer Deceased
229-C.Brown Cancer Deceased
230-C.Capobianco Cancer Deceased
231-F.Rosario Cancer Deceased
232-W.Moreau Cancer Deceased
233-L.Badia Bladder Cancer
234-J.Boylan Sarcoma
235-C.Cole Brian Cancer Deceased
236-J.Cortazzo Blood Cancer Deceased
237-B.Cornell Thyroid Cancer
238-J. Dimarco Leukemia
239-S.Adrian Brian Cancer Deceased
240-R.Dunbar Cancer Deceased
241-D.Feser Cancer Deceased
242-E.Gilpin Cancer Deceased
243-J.Goosdbee Cancer Deceased
244-C.Hanarhan Cancer Deceased
245-G.Mausberg Cancer Deceased
246-E.Ortiz Cancer Deceased
247-C.Ocasio Cancer Deceased
248-A.Peluso Cancer Deceased
249-G.Rex Cancer Deceased
250-R.Rivera Cancer Deceased
251-E.Thompson Cancer Deceased
252-R.Weintraub Cancer Deceased
253-B.Mohammed Cancer Deceased
254-A.Baez Cancer Deceased
255-G.Wong Gastric Cancer Deceased
256-L.Johnston Lung Cancer Deceased
257-R.Jakubowsky Cancer Deceased
258-R.Nicosia Cancer Deceased
259-P.Gerasimczya Cancer
260-D.Howley Cancer
261-S.Rabiner Cancer
262-R.Bradley Leukemia
263-G.Spinelli Cancer Deceased
264-D.Collins Non-Hodgkin’s
265-C.Russo Throat Cancer
266-B.Gray Prostate Cancer
267-V.Nitti Thyroid Cancer
268-A-Falco Pancreatic Cancer Deceased
269-T.Wilson Tongue Cancer
270-G.Kavakos Cancer Deceased
271-B.Malloy Cancer Deceased
272-J.O’Neill Cancer Deceased
273-C.Sealy Cancer Deceased
274-E.Tietjen Cancer Deceased
275-W.Wilson Cancer Deceased
276-P.Triola Kidney Cancer
277-R.Dambakly Lymphoma
278-A.Noonan Leukemia
279-C.Capolino Leukemia
280-K.Wolfe Throat Cancer
281-G.Carl Throat Cancer
282-M.Behetti Lung Cancer
283-J.Colon Non-Hodgkin’s
284-L.Acevedo Leukemia
285-F.Krines Cancer
286-S.Mozes Non-Hodgkin’s
287-R.Yecchione Non-Hodgkin’s
288-R.Wallen Myelodysplasia/Prostate Cancer
289-J.Costanza Cancer
290-M.Mulqueen Colon Cancer
291-R.Lafuence Brain Cancer
292-J.Treuman Brain Cancer
293-M.Jezycki Leukemia
294-M.Young Stomach Cancer
295-S.Blihar Prostate Cancer
296-V.Dinnen Esophageal Cancer Deceased
297-J.Burke Prostate Cancer
298-D.McLarney Cancer Deceased
299-J.Rappa Cancer Deceased
300- M.Sartoretti Non-Hodgkin’s
301-T.McCauley Throat Cancer
302- F.Feeney Cancer Deceased
303-B.Fanara Small Cell Lung/Brain
304-L.Massa Lung Cancer
305-F.Zambrano Non-Hodgkin’s
306-E.Cahlstadt Prostate Cancer
307-C.Hudson Prostate Cancer
308-J.Clark Prostate Cancer
309-S.Riedel Prostate Cancer
310-C.Cooper Bladder/Kidney Cancer
311-J.Fenrich Colon Cancer
312-M.Mckay Bone Cancer Deceased
313-A.Bachmann Lung Cancer Deceased
314-S.Tallone Lymphoma
315-G.Danza Brain Cancer Deceased
316-J.Bruinsma Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
317-P.Workman Multiple Myeloma
318-D.Curaba Bladder Cancer
319-P.Sullivan Leukemia Deceased
320-F.Thomas Sarcoma
321-R.Torres Colon Cancer
322-D.Mulholland Colon Cancer
323-T.Frank Pancreatic Cancer Deceased
324-M.Donnelly Brain Cancer
325-S.Reisman Brain Cancer
326-C.Pupo Cancer Deceased
327-D.Smith Stomach Cancer
328-A.Mangaracina Thymic Carcinoma
329-M.McHugh Lung Cancer Deceased
330-L.Sullivan Cancer
331-J.Leho Cancer Deceased
332-J.Kristofferson Esophageal Cancer Deceased
333-S.Lancelot Lung Cancer Deceased
334-J.Loia Lung Cancer
335-D.Morales Cancer Deceased
336-C.Strucker Cancer Deceased
337-N.Couluris Cancer Deceased
338-J.Kelly Cancer
339-C.Jones Esophageal Cancer
340-J.Wright Skin Cancer
341-J.Riccardi Lung Cancer
342-A.Mangaracina Cancer Deceased
343-D.Roblez Cancer
344-G.Walsh Mylo-Fibrosis

 Though I hate the slogan and what it was used to justify, I do believe that here it is at least appropriate. "Never Forget"

Head to the FEAL Good foundation for more information and ways you can help.

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