Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee (Some Expenses Spared)

Apparently our benevolent and wise Divine family were not as grandiose as I first thought. No it seems that given our nations dire economic climate and social uncertainty Her Majesty took the prudent course of action and made a few cutbacks on her 60th anniversary of selflessly taking on the mantle of statesmanship.

One of those cutbacks (Gideon and Dave must be proud) was in the pay of her stewards, a very big pay-cut as it turns out about 100% also chopped where those same stewards accommodations, but fear not cheaper but still adequate accommodations where found located on site of a famous London landmark the one the only London Bridge (no not the Tower Bridge or Black Friar I checked).

I don't like to backthrone rule but if I had the crown on my head and wanted to save money on my big party I'd probably flog some of that Gold, or maybe axe that 1,000+ Armada that escorted me down the Thames. Really all I'd need is one barge and a couple of Tugs up front in case of rare and unexpected blockages or sand banks forming. But then I've never been good at parties (too shy) in fact if I were King I'd sack myself imminently and let the first ambitious sod with the same size head as me deal with the headache and absurd fawning from people who'd happily kick my teeth in if I were in a suit instead of a robe.

Oh and before I finish up did any of you see the absurd "handling" of the Republic Demo? Probably not unless you read the Morning Star for some reason the British Media is far less willing to cover protests by our own Democracy Activists. Funny how that works, I guess people really do love pictures of Tanks on street corners and out of focus running to the zip zip bang bang! of Kalashnikov's. Maybe Republic should have a fund-raiser by a few (deactivated of course) rifles, Ushanka's  and Armoured Cars and stage a reinactment of the storming of the Winter Palace for the next Royal jaunt. That'll get the camera's snapping I'm sure.

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