Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chomsky on Occupy Wall Street

Noted rabble rouser and sayer of things that make you nod your head Noam Chomsky has come out with a new book on the development of the Occupy Movement and its effect on political discourse in America and the world. I have yet to read it but I have listened to this short interview with Chomsky about the book and his additional thoughts on the Occupy movement and I found it to be quite interesting.
From FSRN "Whether focusing on indefinite detention and military spending or fighting foreclosures and financial abuse, protesters from the Occupy movement have redirected the political dialogue in the US and around the globe. Campaigns and actions continue today despite a crackdown from police and city officials on the encampments that first drew nationwide attention. In Noam Chomsky’s new book, Occupy, from Zuccotti Park Press, the renowned historian, linguist and activist uses his decades of experience to analyze the social movement. The book examines what gave rise to direct action last year and what could come ahead as a mass movement takes aim at social and economic inequality and political power. For more, Noam Chomsky joins us from Boston."

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