Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Good News Everyone!

Well I've done it I’ve sold out to the man..... I mean found a long term job. Since completing my Degree course at Hull University back in July I've been looking for work. I was able to get some short term work in between then and now though but emphasis was very much on the word short. And much of my time went into retraining you know IT courses, Voluntary work, I even took up boxing and am currently learning German, you know cast a wide net in case I had to fall back on my abnormally large fists, or knack for stereotypical accents. Since the very first things to be cut in ConDem budget where all the main hirers for my degree course, I was pretty much trapped in Limbo for awhile.

Still water under the bridge, the job I now have is writer, (big shake up I'm sure you'll agree) specifically for a new website I'm mainly doing product reviews of video games at the moment but its early days and the higher ups are interested in expanding into current affairs and other areas once established so I live in hope. There a nice bunch communications have been pleasant and the hours reasonable. So depending on how it works this place could either get less or more active.

I want to keep both separate really since there not really related, but my twitter which I set up purely as a way to keep readers updated will see a bit of activity from both, I don't really use twitter enough to justify two accounts. I understand I'm not the best writer out there (though do feel free to disagree with me on this :) but the sites a diverse bunch and if you like games, music or sport or cars and more then you should check it out.

Remember this the more you visit the site, the more money I make, I mean the greater the plurality of information source.... which will err weaken the monopoly of information at the heart of`the struggle of human emancipation, yeah lets go with option number two.

Also lets celebrate with a song, what could be more appropriate then "Happy Worker"

Now that's a sentiment I can get behind!


  1. Hey Dude,

    Jimmy@mobbly here sweet write up - glad your on board and together we can make this something really cool


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