Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Yes Americas Palestine Stance can get Even Crazier

Current Republican Party Presidential Candidate Frontrunner Newt Gingrich.

Wild amphibian the Greater Crested Newt in its natural habitat.

In America the Republican Party's most prominent spokespeople have of course been busy jockeying for the position of Republican Presidential candidate for the 2012 elections; to take on Barrack Obama. So far its been quite an interesting race with many candidates most of whom enjoyed the spotlight as a Conservative Prodical son -In Bachman's case Prodical daughter- before spectacularly imploding just look at Pizza magnate Herman Cain's never ending sexual harassment/affair allegations.

"Herman Cain, the wealthy former pizza man, has made Clinton look like a choirboy.

In just a few short weeks, Cain has turned the Republican nominating contest into an X-rated circus of alleged horndog behavior."

Currently the non Mitt Romney* front Runner is a man by the name of Newt Gingrich whom with the deadline for actual voting to begin coming up pretty quickly has decided to turn up the fires of insanity to drum up as much coverage and support as possible.

At a recent conference for the Jewish channel Newt made the following questionable comments.

First he states that the Palestinians are an "Invented people".

Now you might be wondering what exactly is wrong with that, after all are not all peoples and nations invented to a certain degree? the answer is yes, unfortunately thats not what Gingrich was getting at when he said that, which becomes clear when he elaborates that it is only the Palestinians who are "invented" essentially stating that they and they alone are not real people. The above video points out just how ridiculous that idea is given that Gingrich is American, one of the most artificial nations in a world full of artificial nations given that they had a war to establish themselves as there own people (early happy fourth of July!) then bought some lands outright occupied and stole (I mean settled) on countless acres taken from there current tenants went to war with there southern neighbours to nick there northern territories. Hmm you know I think I see why so many Americans like Israel so much.

Also for a good comparison of how insane Gingrich comment is take another look at the documentary about Black September I posted last month. In particular the interview with the leader of the Stern Gang (the Jewish terrorist group that fought for a state of Israel) is asked a similar question given then Prime Minister Golda Meir had made the same claim Gingrich just made. His response? "of course there a people just because Golda Meir say they aren't doesn't change that reality".

A Jewish terrorist and Israeli Nationalist is more nuanced and balanced on this issue of Palestinians then an American Christian who has no actual personal stake in the Israel Palestine conflict.

But thats not the most stupid comment he made at this debate. When asked for elaboration on his earlier statement he chose to reaffirm his stance and claim it was historically accurate (Hate to tell you Newt, but unless you became a Marxist or Anarchist and have seen the lie of the Nation... then no it is not historically accurate) and then go on to say all Palestinians are Terrorists, yes not one group, not the PLO but all Palestinians even the ones who protest and resist peacefully are bloodthirsty Terrorists. And that the possibility of a Palestinian state is unacceptable.

And the arch nemesis Obama has committed treason in all but name by aiding the Terrorists in there quest for statehood.... err by not accepting the Palestinian membership bid in the UN, constantly dis-barraging Independent Palestine initiatives and punishing international bodies that don't bend the knee to US wishes.

And these comments were met with a healthy applause. But it gets better Gingrich has been a career politician for a number of years (he was speaker of the House in the Clinton years) and as he was such a long standing senior American politician was invited to several international conferences and events in an official capacity. One of the most notable was the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords between Israel and Palestine, in which not only was Newt part of the American delegation he also gave a few pointers about how the Palestinians should develop and organise such there future state. Yasser Arafat valued his keen incites so much that he happily embraced with Mr Gingrich for a big photo opportunity with both of them grinning happily.

A picture says a thousand words, in this case just one word Hypocrite a thousand times over.

* Apparently a sizeable number of Republican voters/members have a serious problem with Mitt Romney, some because of his ties to Corporate finance, others because of his chasing of current Populism leading to jarring position shifts, and others still because his a Mormon.

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