Saturday, 19 November 2011

Tommy Robinson Quitting the EDL


"It has been a badly kept secret, but Tommy Robinson is about to announce he is leaving the EDL to join a group of fascist cranks, the British Freedom Party.

Rumour has it that on Saturday 19th December at a meeting in Birmingham, Tommy Robinson the leader of the EDL is to announce that he is leaving the EDL to join the British Freedom Party. This has generally been a poorly kept secret and has been widely discussed EDL circles."

Yep it looks like not only is the BNP circling the drain but now the EDL is also in dire straits, with its leader one Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Unpronounceable Symbol AKA Prince, deciding its time for early retirement.

Or has he?

"After several years of denying being a fascist, he has gone and joined a party of fascist cranks, with a logo that Oswald Moseley would be proud of. Great stuff, he will fit into the political establishment perfectly as he is a bare faced liar."

While I'm surprised to hear that the leader of EDL is quitting I'm not surprised to hear that the problems with the group have gotten so bad, its been going that way for a while. Nearly every march (every march the group put a lot of stock into anyway) has been met with counter demonstrations outnumbering them with the bulk of the representations being from the local communities were the march was to take place. Membership has been haemorrhaging for a while compounded by several "regional" groups splitting off altogether perhaps most (in)famous of these are the North West Infidels but there far from the only ones.

The reasons for the splitting are actually quite varied, some have accused him and the rest of the "leadership" of siphoning funds from the group I don't know how true that allegation is but it certainly wouldn't surprise me given the EDL's confirmed fraudulent actions in regards to fund-raising (see below).

A few others are fed up with the duel nature of the group,
"Large sections of the EDL’s membership are also angry with the Leaders’ ‘softly-softly’ approach. They don’t want a group which claims to be pro-multicultural, anti-racist, and pro-Israel. They don’t want a series of big demos with police kettles. They want to do what they did before they got ‘respectable’ after mainstream TV coverage – i.e. bricking Asian shops (Luton) and knifing them in alleys (Bolton)."

Still others are annoyed by Robinson's Irish ancestry, yes really. When the EDL was a new organisation he deflected allegations of racism and that they had links to rump Unionist terror groups in Ulster by telling everyone he was of Irish descent. This did not go over very well with British Nationalists since the Irish are seen by British Nationalists to be like Palestinians from the point of view of the IDF(a bunch of weak sneaky terrorist barbarians) so he has been denying that his Irish ever since, unfortunately he was stupid enough to film himself saying he was of Irish descent as you can see below.

Warning though this video is by an actual disaffected EDL member so its a bit different from the other vids I post.

As an aside while I do think its worth pointing out that Tommy is Irish descended given that he is obviously lying now in a pathetic attempt at damage control its a bit a stupid to keep refereeing back to it, hell it isn't even the worse charge against Tommy in the video.

But then its not really surprising that a group spawned out of a network of old firms* is splintering I mean if they have no problems physically fighting one another because there 2 nil down at half time why not have a go when the boss fails to deliver?

Still it could be worse at least the EDL are still around unlike there brothers in the "Welsh" Defence League see below.

* Slang term for groups of football hooligans.
Photo source.


  1. lol its clear and transparent who the phoney lying flakes are and its kooks like you... times are a-changing you are the fringe loons edl and ilk are the voice of the people so boo fuking whoo you clowns

  2. "lol its clear and transparent who the phoney lying flakes are and its kooks like you."
    Want to give an example of me lying? no ok then moving on.

    "times are a-changing " You're right they are, all the groups on the far right have peaked over the past couple of years and are now collapsing.

    "you are the fringe loons" Giving that you used the plural "loons" I trust that you believe I'm part of some sort of group, but you haven't said which, the Socialists? Trade Unions? Labour? Liberal? Sinn Fein? Plaid Cymru? all of the above? which one(s) who are the "they" to which I belong?

    Well which ever one it is it doesn't really matter as all of those groups are larger then the EDL and have actaully achieved at least a couple things beyond strutting about outside a train station or buying a round in Wetherspoons.

    "edl and ilk are the voice of the people " Really? in that guess the people must not want to use there "voice" seeing as how the EDL numbers are dwindling to the point its own leader thinks its going no where and there ilk like the WDL have actually disbanded.

    "so boo fuking whoo you clowns" Ouch you know I'd be hurt if it wasn't for the fact that the only thing the EDL and its supporters like you can do is cry and whinge.

    In conclusion I find it telling that you haven't disputed a single one of my posts accusations, nor those of the linked material or embedded videos. I'll take that as validation of the allegations.


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