Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nicaragua vs Honduras

Nicaragua's Elections expected to grant the Sandinista party Leader Daniel Ortega a renewed mandate to Govern.

FSRN's coverage of the upcoming elections and the parties election platforms.

Yes Nicaragua has come along way since the 1980's. Though defying the powerful alliance of the United States Honduras and Iran(!) assorted drug cartels and random mercenary groups coalescing into the "Contra's" (No relation to the video game) was no easy task. But now in the aftermath of the Cold War and new spirit of independence sweeping Latin America Nicaragua has prospered by electing the Sandinista's back into power.

Meanwhile over the border in neighbouring "democratic" Honduras that enjoys a very close relationship to United States things aren't quite so inspiring.

Corruption and violence have boomed, Peasants are once again being driven off there lands and the suppression of independent media are common place. And this all started when former President Zelaya simply suggested the possibility of a referendum reforming Presidential term limits. A constitution I should add that was drafted by the countries old military Junta whom like many of there counterparts in the Continent saw that there time was fast running out and tried to ensure as much of the old ways of business were entrenched as possible. One Term Presidents in the long run benefit the wealthy whom can afford to bankroll several candidates and sustain a long term campaign strategy more then the urban poor and rural Campesinos.

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