Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Time to Turn up the Pressure

You've probably heard about the impending implosion of the Master races vanguard party in Britain,what with there impending bankruptcy*. And the problem with creditors has now been exacerbated with allegations form former Party members (some of which where higher ups) revealing that the party was illegally siphoning funds from there elected positions into the party coffers, and erroneously claiming to have paid off some of there debts.

The allegations are being investigated by both the Met and the European Union (looks like the cash cow still has horns), however there is one other appropriate overseeing body that has not yet begun an investigation, and that's the electoral commission. Of course my personal views on the matter mean I'd gladly cheer on more investigations into the BNP's rotten internal workings, but from a purely objective view given that the allegations are substantive enough to provoke two separate investigations and that some of the alleged illegal practices relate to the parties dealings with the Electoral Commission itself it would be a very good idea for the organisation to conduct its own investigation in conjunction with the other two groups. Hope not Hate an anti right wing extremist pressure groups is currently running a campaign to encourage the Electoral Commission to do just that.

As someone who has been apart of local election campaigns I know that failure to comply with the Electoral Commission's guidelines are very serious, as it should be since it is the Commission that safeguards our democratic process (flawed though it maybe) from abuse by private interests. So in short, if you care about democracy and wish to see parties (any party) held to account for failing to comply with electoral law then please take a few minutes out to back the campaign.

* Of particular joy for me was seeing that the stupid "spoof" of Marmite cost them £170,000

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