Sunday, 14 August 2011

My fellow Americans (sort of)

Hello all, in response to my post about the criminal actions of Anders Breivik in particular the absurd and shameful knee jerk assumptions that the Oslo attacks where carried out by Muslims with no proof, I suppose that might be forgiveable from Americans as there experiences of terrorism have been overshadowed by the Islamic variety, though it was sort of strange to see the actual culprit resembled America's most well known non Muslim terrorist McVey the Oklahoma Bomber. But for Europeans with practically each nation having along list of terrorist groups and actions -an exception to that was sadly Norway-it was inexcusable. Anyway in response a reader got in touch with me through the email and let me know about the above video and the website that produced it My fellow American, asking if I would be kind enough to help promote it and them on the internet. I'm quite touched that anyone thinks this little blog can be of help in that regard and naturally agreed.

I think the video is very well made and the juxtaposition of sound bites from the paranoid ramblings of right wing radio jockeys with scenes of some normal Americans whom happen to be Muslims living normal non sharia conforming lives, clearly enacting on a plot of any kind to undermine the American way is quite a powerful if subtle reminder that Islam is not some sort of monolithic unchangeable entity with one vision and one purpose. It is rather a religion and as such has a broad base of interpretation with numerous levels of commitment, with followers capable of making rational choices without constantly scanning for a relevant Koran verse. My favourite part has to be around 1:17 mins into the video, where Radio starts ranting about Islam being the religion of hate, and you can actually hear some spittle hitting his microphone his so angry about its existence.

The site behind the video is a sort of Islamophobia watch site and invites viewers to send in pictures and share stories whether Muslim or not that show Muslim Americans being normal Americans and highlighting the importance of "interfaith" dialogue and stopping the spread of prejudice and discrimination based on religion and ethnicity. It also has a pledge you can take unfortunately since you have register the state you live in and terrible isn't on the list(I checked) that part is for Americans only. But according to every stat counter I have people from the US make up over 80% of my reading base so if your reading this that shouldn't be too much trouble. I wish My fellow American and initiatives like every possible success in checking the progress of bigotry of this nature.

Sadly anti Arab hysteria and suspicion of any and all "Mohammedans" is not a uniquely American trait, as the actions of Anders in Oslo proved when carried out his punitive strike on the "traitors" who have brought about the "Islamisation" of "Eurabia" (fun fact, Muslims struggle to make up 5% of the population in any country in Europe north or west of Turkey) have made abundantly clear. Which is why I'm trying to help get this video across to a wider audience.

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