Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Are you a Backer?

Hello everyone, I'll be a bit quieter then my average for a while as for the past several weeks the internet in my area has been poor to terrible, for those who don't know Northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire are one of the worst regions in the country for internet connection speeds and stability. Recently the government greenlit an "improvement" drive for internet in a pale imitation of Gordon Browns proposed cyber "revolution". But just because I am cursed doesn't mean I can't still spread some love. The above vid is by Activist Dennis Trainer and his group No Cure For That a campaign group fighting against the domination of corporate groups in government, unjust wars and the rise of the military industrial complex. Dennis is raising funds for a new documentary about an upcoming protest in Washington DC's Freedom Plaza based on the occupation of Tahrir square in Egypt. At the time of writing they have received the minimum number of pledges with 10 hours to spare so if you'd like to contribute you still can here.

You might also like to check out the last Documentary the group made clocking in about hour and a half documentary detailing the long history of the cult of Manifest Destiny in America the above is a "teaser" Music video feature the documentaries footage and music.

Also supporters of independent films should take a few moments to check out kickstarters homepage and browse a few of other projects requesting funding to see if any take your fancy

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