Sunday, 10 July 2011

Your replacement weekend paper

Now that the News of the World has closed down a lot of people will probably have a paper shaped hole on Sunday. If your one of those people don't worry Uncle Michael's got you covered. Now is the perfect opportunity to try out the weekend edition of the MorningStar.
For just £1 you get two days worth of information with almost no adverts (thanks to the ban by the advertising council)with unprecedented coverage of both the labour movement -as opposed to merely regurgitating stock prices like other papers- and the various campaigns to improve are society and the world. It also feature thorough and under appreciated sports sections complete with tips, interviews and analysis of the shady goings on at the managing level that sadly plague many sports at the professional level, without falling victim to blind "my country tis for thee" jingoism that is so prevalent in every other sports coverage that I'm aware of.

Now you can pick up a copy from the shelves in your local Co-op/ Somerfield, or Mcoll's newsagent, as well as a few other chains, or you can ask your local newsagent to order them in for you, (usually they order extra in case other customers are interested). Read a few articles on the website if your a bit unsure, like for example this one. As far as I'm concerned the Morning Star is the only paper where principled journalism is still practised, well the Mirror does have its moments, and the Liberal rags (Independent, and Guardian) are definitely on a level above right wing gutter floaters, but you do have to put up with a ridiculously condescending and self congratulating tone, and for all the protestations about morals and green living won't hesitate to take big payouts from the same companies and individuals they railed against a couple of issues in.

Anyway just a thought.

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