Thursday, 7 July 2011

Read all about it! Read all about it!

Oh the tide she is a turning. It looks like finally after literally decades of encroachment on the mass media market and body politic of many nations, the Murdoch Empire has over extended itself. Those phone hacking revelations keep getting worse and worse. It seems that Glenn Mulcaire was not just being paid handsomely for hacking into minor celebs and "photogenic" politicians, it looks like the News of the World head private Dick* has been causing gathering info on wounded and killed servicemen and there families, coupled with allegations that the paper may have had very friendly ties to a number of police officers this could very well turn out to be the perfect storm of bad news for News International in regards to there UK holdings. This story has already cost the PM his favoured PR man Andy Coulson when the links between him and Mr Mulcaire were made known, now many companies have followed the lead of the British legion and dropped contracts with the "Newspaper". And Cameron is even considering an independent inquiry into the whole affair not good news for the share holders as long time readers of Private Eye will know . That is the problem with buying up Politicians they have to maintain at least bare minimum of popularity otherwise they get chucked out of office, and then will be of no use to the boys with money and will kiss most of there "gifts" goodbye.

But News of the World and Murdoch are nothing if not tenacious, it is possible given the resources and assets they've accrued over the years that they will be able to weather the storm, no doubt heaping all the blame on a publicly known minor figure, so we need to keep the pressure up.

And here are two handy ways to help out:

38 degrees long-standing campaign to halt News Internationals complete takeover bid of BSKYB is still ongoing here.

And Avaaz is running a similar campaign here.

And as in life I like to finish with a song, and usually like that song to be by the Jam so here we go.

* short for detective

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