Saturday, 23 July 2011

Anders links with European far right

It seems Anders Behring, was quite active amongst far right circles, including our very English Defence League, he also appears to have had a grudge against Labour parties throughout Europe as he claims the UK intelligence services are run by the Labour party (I assume he means controlled and directed by the Party itself rather just ran by its Ministers during its time in government) "Second, Labour governs intelligence service. They had never in his life supported the EDL as these create a lot of positive attention for the cultural conservative movement in the UK." Source which does seem to support the view that he believed the Norwegian Labour party was directly responsible for what he called "Eurabia" and the Islamisation of Europe" hmm those two terms sound familiar to anyone?

He also viewed the Norway's mainstream media as part of a Marxist plot " It would be a pity if you ignored the suggestions and decided to squandered all the money in a potentially "politically correct" person with a background in the Marxist boot camp: Volda University College or any other journalist (Marxist) camps, etc." source number 13 He goes on like that for a while rambling throughout the document about all sorts of topics, though Marxists and Muslims keep cropping up. Anyone familiar with the thinking and propaganda of groups such as the EDL BNP or there continental equivalents will find a lot of it sounds very familiar. All in all quite a paranoid and warped view of the world. Lets hope the appalling nature of Anders actions in Norway will wake at least a few of the flag waving crusader up before there frustrations cause them to try something like this. Well I hope they will but I won't hold my breath.

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