Wednesday, 23 February 2011

People power from the plains of Wisconsin to the shores of Tripoli

This post is an addendum to the two recent stories about the crumbling of the regime in Libya and the ongoing assault on workers rights in America.

Opposition to Governor Walkers bill to take away workers rights to collectively bargain continues to grow with the state's Unions showing good workers solidarity. Particularly the Fire Brigade which was exempt from the ban in a shameless attempt to divide and conquer the working men and women of the dairy state and have gone on to be a driving force in the protests.

Meanwhile in Libya theres good news and bad news, the good news is the revolt has taken the East and has spread to the West, the bad news is that the Colonel is still in charge and has cracked down even harder. He has also made a quite violent speech putting the rumours that he's fled to Venezuela (as if, keep wishing US state department). Things are still very much hanging in the balance but it does look like his regime has disintegrated beyond the point of repair, hell even the interior minister has defected and he's usually in charge of the detention centre's spies and secret police.Unfortunately if he realises that he might decide to go out in even more bloodshed if only to secure his name in the history of his nation.

Reports on the situation in Libya are understandably sporadic but a group of Libyan dissidents have banded together to create a youtube channel (Save Libya) dedicated to publishing as much video footage of the chaotic scene as possible, including the most complete broadcasts from state TV and Gaddafi's increasingly unhinged demagoguery, particularly strange is this short speech below where he says he wished to sleep with the young protesters but decided not to because it was raining.

Good luck to the people of Wisconsin and Libya and to all people who are fighting against aggression and tyranny no matter is colour or cloak.

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