Wednesday, 14 July 2010

You know what Churchill said don't you? no well neither do the BNP

Anyone whose been browsing around the internet and had the misfortune to stumble upon stormfront or another white power/ Aryan brotherhood site or blog etc. Then you've probably seen a version of the following "If Fascism is to rise again, then it will be cloaked in the quise of opposition to fascism" this is often attributed to Churchill and bandied about in response to the actions of groups like Unite Against Fascism(UAF). But is it really true?

Well no this fellow here did some research conveniently saving me the trouble, and it seems that the quote has been somewhat mis-attributed and taken out of context (naturally).

But what about the main point of the little quote? have the opponents of Fascism guilty of becoming the very thing they despise? well no not really, I mean Fascism is an movement with a very specific ideology that is at the centre of every action they do and unless groups like the UAF are part of some sort of Machiavellian plot to fool the general public while they finish polishing there Jack boots they aren't Fascistic.

Now are they behaving in a way that doesn't exactly keep to the spirit of Voltaire's ideals of freedom of expression perhaps, but thats a debate for another day and the original quote doesn't really cover that.

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