Saturday, 10 July 2010

Defeat the Empire, sign up to the Rebellion today!

Well not really, you should sign up just not to the rebel alliance. Its time for another instalment of my long running (as far as this blog is concerned anyway)series about plugging internet based pressure group 38 Degrees and todays a very special episode as its a long overdue bashing of Murdoch. You see Murdochs news International (his main centre of global power) is attempting to fully buy up BSkyB the company in charge of the Sky satellite network.

This is a very troubling prospect for Britain's Democratic future for several reasons. One News international and its many subsidiaries and junior companies already own or hold controlling stakes in a large amount of Britain's not to mention the worlds media,(heres a piece by John Pilger describing the situation in Australia Murdochs native spawning pit), but its also a slap in the face to the people who actually bothered to vote in the last election as the move clearly represents an attempt on Murdochs part to claim the "spoils of war" from his backing of the Tories.

Now you might be wondering how signing a bloody petition on the internet no less could actually help matters. Well there are a few reasons why this action may prove with enough support effective. First the actual minister in charge of deciding whether or not to bring full scrutiny of any take off and then yay or nay them is one Vince Cable. Who is of course firmly on the Dem side of the ConDem coalition so not only is he not entirely in the corporate lobbies hands especially not Murdochs as arguably it was his papers scaremongering about a hung parliament that contributed to the Libdems poor showing.

But it also comes at a time when the Libdems at a particularly vulnerable juncture for the Libdems after all the news that 48% of Libdem voters won't make the same mistake in this poll and with Davey Cameron publically distancing himself from the Liberals over electoral reform (hey what do you know theres a campaign for that too)Vince and Co. could justifiably break with the Tories over one or two minor quibbles such as this one without rocking the boat to much.

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