Monday, 15 March 2010

The Coming Insurrection

The Coming Insurrection By the Invisible Committee, or as their also known the Tarnac Nine, who are no on trial in France for charges of "creating" social upheaval by publishing this very book.

Anyway the coming Insurrection is an analysis of the recent civil and political turmoil assailing France and Greece. Though the content itself is almost exclusively focussed on France they imply that similar issues occurred in Greece as well.
The book looks at the root causes of the eruptions of violence placing great emphasis on youth dissatisfaction and alienation with mainstream politics and the stagnating Capitalist system of modern France, exacerbated by the repressive measures of the police in neglected areas.

As well as criticising the rampant individualisation and marketing culture for breaking down and eroding the social fabric that societies depend on for their cohesion and camaraderie, in favour of greater consumption of materials and products, to perpetuate capital.

Another severe criticism is modern France’s dependence on placebo’s and panacea’s in the forms of Prozac and other anti-depressants. A criticism which can be made at pretty much every industrialised Western society, just look at the enthusiasm for solving "behavioural difficulties" with Ritalin et all.

Speaking of the West, there is this little gem of a paragraph:
“Today the west is the GI who dashes into Fallujah on an M1 Abrams Tank, listening to heavy metal at top volume. It’s the tourist lost on the Mongolian plains, mocked by all, who clutches at his credit card as his only life line. It’s the CEO who swears by the game Go. It’s the young girl who looks for happiness in clothes, guys, and moisturising creams. It’s the Swiss human rights activist who travel to the four corners of the earth to show solidarity with all the world’s rebels- provided they’ve been defeated”.

The Second part of the document is a sort of call to arms with a number of helpful tips for kick starting an insurrection. Which given are current counter terrorism laws I'm afraid I won't be getting into here.Though it does cover the wide spectrum of Insurgent strategy,from methods of organisation based around the Communes (The invisible Committee are Anarchistic group), to tactics and targets to strike.

All in all a found this a short but fascinating read, it really does go into great detail in outlining what's wrong with the Capitalist Western system and contemporary French Republican culture, in a very poetic manner, though I do question the use of some of there analogies, and they don't seem to know what the word "Otaku" actually means, but now I'm nitpicking.

Oh and by the way Glenn Beck has also reviewed it here

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