Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Don't worry I'm not going to sing. I am far to sober for that, but what I will do is post another entry about music. There's something wonderful about music that just touches you isn't there. A good song or catchy series of beats and whistles can just borrow straight through a man's skull and directly stimulate are emotive centres in our brains. They can uplift us and make are chests swell with pride as shown by the plethora of national anthems and marching songs, and sometimes make us sad and downbeat as shown by the depressingly lucrative emo music genre, They can even breakdown the language barrier as this video comically shows

Besides one of the biggest difficulties of keeping a blog going is of course finding things interesting enough to post; with that in mind coupled with the fact that my main reason for starting this blog is to help generate greater exposer of those already out there on the net who I feel have been criminally overlooked. I've been thinking about creating a series of mini posts us youtube videos and other such malarkey with maybe a brief paragraph of background information, or explanation of why I think it deserves greater attention then it has received, this should also help when time constraints hit or a get a dry spell.

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