Monday, 25 January 2010

Haiti and the Devils Curse

Real News has done another excellent job debunking the sinister myths and laziness of the mainstream media- particularly Australia, Haiti is not the birth place of Voodoo that was founded in West Africa- for those who missed it Pat Robertson a fundamentalist Evangelical Christian stated in an interview that Haiti was poor due to a literal pack with the devil they supposedly made to overcome there Colonial French masters. While this absurd and historically in accurate diatribe (wrong Napoleon Pat) has received the pillorying it rightly deserves, they as Real News points out have not been that much better omitting the interference of outside powers in its affairs for example. Or the wretched Neo-Liberal economic agenda enacted by Papa Doc's Dictatorship. Or omitting the ousting from power Democratically elected popular Left Leaning President Jean Bertrand Aristide , Who as seen here wishes to return

Rather the main stream news seems content to ignore this (you know stuff of actual journalistic merit) portray the poverty and devastation of Haiti as something that is endemic with the country itself, as if it permeates the soil itself or rather that theres just some sort of bad Mojo about the land.

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