Tuesday, 26 January 2010

38 degrees


38 Degrees is newly formed internet based peoples power action group. Its free to join and it currently consists of over 60,000 members. It currently consists of a series of petitions and letter campaigns on a number of issues ranging from stopping Donald Trumps plans for another rich mans golf course (Complete with evictions of local tenants), to making sure Blair faces tough questions at the upcoming Chilcot inquiry as well as greater transparency for Lobbyists and a US style recall vote should constituents be fed up with there MPs, for a hypothetical example lets say an MP was less then honest when writing up an expenses claim form for (keeping it fantastical)say a Duck pond rather then having to wait till the next General election (where party allegiance can shield them) voters could implement an by election then and there.

Cynics might scoff a bit at what appears on there list of achievements were the group credits itself with some fairly impressive gains a few thousand signatures seem to have on decisions by Government, especially given the opposition to there stance by professional lobbyists. But that's the point of petitions and letters, there not going to change anything by themselves but they do give ammunition to those campaigning on the ground, and raise awareness of the issues that can often be done in the shadows, and show that a large number of people do genuinely care.

As for the future well, all members are invited to join an open debate and vote on what the group should do for the next year. Some have even suggested they form there own party, which in my few has thankfully been voted down by a wide margin (though 20 days remain for voting)but it does show that if a group like this maintains its momentum it could in a few years develop into a fully fledged pressure group with all the whistles and bells. (or at least stickers and buttons).

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