Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The End of an Error?

Disclaimer, this one's going to be rather petty.


Yesterday I came across some unexpected news. Unexpected but easily believable, it seems a local councillor for the Labour party  Matthew Brown, has been caught passing on information to the Conservative party to attack his fellow party colleagues and candidates. The news was leaked on a local facebook discussion group (https://m.facebook.com/groups/NELDF/permalink/1504660396328796/) but soon snowballed from there. A friend of mine was the first one to notice this as it was being shared on twitter by socialist activists from Newcastle and other places. In response Matthew Brown has deleted his entire social media presence.

The incriminating messages:

I've been informed by several Labour members that Brown has been reported to the regional Labour party and that he's been withdrawn as a candidate. Unfortunately it shouldn't have gotten this far. I've known Matthew Brown for years, back when he was just Matthew Brown and had not yet gained his highly coveted Council seat and Cllr title. This is why I had no trouble believing it when he had been exposed yesterday. This isn't even the first time its been discovered that he tried to switch parties, earlier in the week the local Tories exposed the latest attempt to formerly ditch the party.

 Party disloyalty is really the least of his incredibly poor behaviour for years he's openly harassed people betrayed their confidence and insulted them. He has a long history of talking to women in incredibly insulting tones. I remember one time when he entered the Town Hall in Grimsby the young woman on the reception desk -who was new- didn't recognise him. He proceeded to stand in front of the desk and talk down to her and accuse here of being an idiot and bad at her job for not recognising him a Councillor.

Put for years I've heard details of times he's made suggestive comments to female members. He has been reported for misconduct on these grounds on at least one occasion that I know of. And in the aftermath of the revelations some more screenshots have surfaced over other incidents.

I'm sorry to say but back when I was young Matthew Brown was part of my circle of friends, I don't know why because honestly I never liked him, his personality was very different from mine and the rest of my mates, which may explain why he burnt his bridges with us all soon after. Though to be honest he's behaviour and comments to us was very instructive as to his behaviour.

And speaking of behaviour there's something that should be addressed. if you read the comments where this story is being discussed you'll probably see some variations on `When is he going to release a statement about his disabilities?` So allow me to explain. Matthew Brown has dyslexia, yes that is it, he has dyslexia (that's why some of those messages have very poor spelling).

I also have dyslexia along with a few other issues, which is why this blog also has some weird spellings and word choices now and then. I personally despise the way Matthew Brown has exploited his learning difficulties, and yes exploitation is the key word. He doesn't just use it to cover himself when he misspeaks or screws up a speech, he uses to get excuse his worst behaviour. Including sexual harassment.

 He has also never extended the same courtesy to other people with disabilities or learning difficulties. On the contrary he's spent years bullying and harassing a fellow labour member and Council colleague for his social awkwardness even though that member is openly autistic. Like I said I'm dyslexic, and in no way has that ever lead me to believe its ok to behave in the way Matthew Brown does. His repeated bullying and disgraceful behaviour is the result of his own rotten personality and the protections that come with even a tiny shred of power and influence.

Matthew Brown is a stain on local politics and the local Labour party, however he has not acted alone, and its annoying me that some of the people crowing the loudest about how disgusting his behaviour is were openly supporting him and protecting him. Their have been many occasions where Matthew Brown both on the council and in the party has been challenged and reported, and yet every time he had supporters quashing it. I'm not kidding when I say the things I've covered are a small fraction of the things he's done over the years. Indeed sickeningly some of his worst behaviour has been reflected by other members. Harassment and bullying of other members and members of staff has been carried out by other party members and councillors too. Indeed there's a rumour going around that now Brown has finally been caught crossing the line in a way that can't be covered up any more that he might start dishing out the dirt on some of the other rotten politicians.

I am not even overstating how obvious much of it was. You don't even have to look for much of this, you become aware of his toxic behaviour simply by living in the area and knowing someone who has ran in to him at some point in time.

So good riddance Mr Brown.

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