Sunday, 12 August 2012


There's a "new" social networking site especially for Trade Unionists and Labour rights activists, its called Unionbook and as the name implies is a facebook like site for Labour/Trade Unionists from around the world. Its a side project of the Labour Start news and solidarity site. I have an account and while I'm still busy poking around the account dashboard I have to say I'm quite impressed, users have there own blog, can link up with fellow Activists based on geography or shared interests, and add photos music and videos.

There is however one major difference though, to get an account you must be a member of a Union (any) large or small it doesn't matter. If you're not in a Union but would like to be, you're probably best off joining the Union most of your colleagues are in, but the decision is up to you. If you're unemployed then in the UK the GMB and Unite unions still offer membership, however the problem with those arrangements is that when you do find work the rest of staff may be members of another Union which puts a lot of pressure on you to switch, and leaving an organisation is always a difficult process. You could join the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) a global Union for all workers not in senior management. In addition to welcoming all they also give members unparalleled freedom to join and take part in other organisations including other unions if and when needed with no repercussions so becoming a Wobblie (yes thats the nickname) removes the sting in the tale of having to choose one or the other. Its also very cheap in terms of membership fees. An unwaged worker can be a member for as little as £12 a year.

Disclaimer time, the IWW is my union as my circumstances mean it was the only viable option for me, and I have to say I'm liking it so far. Anyway enough recruitment pitches this is about a snazzy new website that offers Trade Unionists (all of us) another way to network and support one another, I sincerely hope you'll join us, the bigger this gets the better a resource it will be for our cause, of advancing workers rights and improving working and living conditions the world over.

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