Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Student Protests in Saudi Arabia

News about protests in "friendly" Arab regimes like Bahrain or Saudi Arabia is few and far between, fortunately independent media exists and likes to poke its nose where the mainstream don't go till the PR men give the go ahead. Saudi Arabia has actually had numerous protests many of them lead by students, some have been suppressed others resolved peacefully.

Below is an interview with the spokeswoman for a protest at a women's University over the lack of a Library and the refusal of the University to meet with or listen to its students grievances. Yes you read that right a proper University with Degree's had no Library. Thankfully this was one of the protests that ended peacefully, while its light on details it does give a rare glimpse into the workings of the fundamentalist absolute Monarchy.


"As protests across the Middle East have gotten headlines - from Egypt to Yemen, Tunisia to Syria - unrest in Saudi Arabia, though on a much smaller scale, has attracted much less attention. That changed earlier this month, when dozens of students at King Khaled University in the south of the country were injured as they protested conditions at the school. According to Arab Network for Human Rights Information, protests have also taken place in other cities. In Taibah University in the city of Medina, one student was expelled for publicly criticizing the conditions on campus during an open meeting with the director. For more, we're joined by Shaima Al-moaddi, she's a student from King Khaled University in Abha. She was one of the protesters and is a spokesperson for the female students. We're reaching her now as she travels in the US."

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