Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Coup Day

Hola, campesino's today's a very special day, today marks 10 years since the failed coup against President Hugo Chavez all the way back in 2002. That date is important as it showed the world that the old way of doing things in South America, banana Republics and brutal Tinpot Dictatorships, where still "on the table" in the Oval Office. Lest we foolishly think that was another Cold War relic like the Star Wars Satellite program or a rusty ICBM silo.

The coup's dismal failure also galvanised Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution and hammered home the rottenness of Venezuela's rich and powerful and the need to break there stranglehold on the nation. it also made it abundantly clear that rapprochement with Washington was impossible so might as well press ahead with the regional projects such as ALBA. However the continuing poor relations between the two nations has lead to a lot of misinformation about Venezuela and Chavez himself, thats why its important that independently minded continues to produce factual accounts of Chavez and 21st Century Socialism.

Speaking of facts heres a couple of documentaries I dug up.

Excerpt from Inside the Revolution

And the Iconic the Revolution Will Not be Televised (Full film)

No Volveran (Full film)

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