Saturday, 4 February 2012

J. Edgar A Review

I saw J. Edgar recently, and it got me in the writing mood, unfortunately I'm not supposed to republish work I did for Mobbly -understandable though I doubt they need to worry about me siphoning views- You'll have to go there to read it. Don't worry I'm not making a habit of this, most of my articles I doubt are of interest to anyone who reads the blog which is why I haven't bothered doing little advertising posts for them.

But I do think that a surprisingly critical look at the life of Radical America's greatest nemesis will be of interest to my small "audience" so I do actually recommend clicking on those hyper-links and checking it out.

As I've said I can't say too much about the review but I will say this, J. Edgar is a major Hollywood studio production that has the balls to say that this charming image is closer to the truth then some would like.

Oh and one last titbit, the film omits Hoovers battles with the Black Panther Party an odd omission since that was one of his most prominent abuses of power, so to correct that here is a 30 minute documentary on the Black Panther Party and Hoovers attempts to destroy it.

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