Saturday, 19 June 2010

Miami Vice

Its been found that the Miami 5 (called the Cuban 5 in America)is the name given to Five Cuban intelligence operatives (spies) who were arrested while on assignment gathering intelligence on Cuban-American (Traitors) Counter Revolutionary groups in Miami Florida where much of the Cuban-American population is located in 98, have yet again been the victims of the unjust and hypocritical US governments attitude where the Caribbean Island nation is concerned.

It has now been proven that the smear campaign against the 5 during there intial trial in Miami which normally necessatates a change of venue to prevent contamination of judgement was partly funded by Uncle Sam as the real news video below shows.

More on this development can be found here.

The arrests and trials take place in the context of still very fragile and hostile relationship between Washington and Havana even after the Cuban missile crisis was resolved decades ago and the end of the Cold War meaning that any military threat to the US the island could pose is now non-existent.

Despite this the US still feels the need to squeeze the Revolutionary Isle till its pips squeak. And since the trade embargo's have yet to yield the desired results the impatient Miami Cubans, the bastard offspring of Batista have often taken it upon themselves (with generous funding and training from the Yankees of course) to try to force the issue on a number of occasions. Many of these groups maintain militia's ala Alpha 66 or have carried out a number terrorist activities in Cuba the king of which has to be Senor Luis Posada Carriles and his bombing of a Cubana airplane in 1976 in Venezuela killing 73. Incidentally Senor Carriles is still wanted in Venezuela after he escaped from prison there in 82 but the US where he currently resides refuses to extradite him citing fears that he "won't receive a fair trial".

What makes the whole situation so gruelling is that Cuba is on the list of "state sponsers of terrorism" when it hasn't supplied and military assistance to anyone in over 20 years. unless there referring to Cuba sending teachers and especially doctors around the Third world. Meanwhile Senor Carriles and his ilk are free to soak up the sun in Florida while they plant more bombs in hotels and on planes. oh well I guess its true what they say "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter".

Mr Wilkerson a Republican and Chief of Staff under Colin Powell has taken an interest in the case and Cuba in general. Despite his political card I've found him to be a fair and even handed man who makes some very good points. Here is both parts of his interview on Cuba for the Real News.

Photo Source
Petition calling for Carriles arrest.


  1. Read the TRUTH about the Cuban Five in

    BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five

    They infiltrated the Brothers to the Rescue, flew the missions, and facilitated the shoot down and murder of Americans...Gerardo will die in a U.S. prison without ever seeing his family again...a small price for his barbaric actions

  2. Haha, ah yes the old "if you don't agree with my view you need to read the truth" actually I did read it. I'm not arguing that they're innocent I stated quite clearly what they were doing in Florida perhaps you need to READ more. My main point is that since the US judiciary have constantly violated there own procedures they make a mockery of there hold on the moral highground. And hints at systematic corruption.

    As for barbarism Really a spy gave information on suspected threats to his nation thats all, unless your some sort of anti secret service beware the shadow government type conspiracy nut, then to single him out or the all five for "barbarism" is again highly hypocritical for any man from any nation, and especially the US with its recent infatuation with Predator Drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan. To say nothing of its vaunted "cruise missile diplomacy" in the 90's.


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