Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Oh dear,

Well can't really say that I'm surprised what with Cleggy publicly throwing his cards on the table as soon as the count was declared,a bit of a tactical blunder as being the only viable partner possible they could have gained more by holding out a little longer.

It looks like the Conservatives have offered up AV and some lucrative cabinet posts which isn't a lot for a party that always billed it self as far as I can remember anyway as the party of Principle but oh well*.

Phil outlines a few of challenges that await the new CONservative-liberal DEMocrats(CONDEM) coalition, particularly for the DEMs.

Oh well at least we can go back to railing against the Bourgeois Fascists like in the good old days.

Edit: *looks like the Liberals were able to claw a bit more then that.

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