Thursday, 11 March 2010

The power of Nightmares

The Power of nightmares by Adam Curtis is perhaps the documentary series of the 2000's. It more than any other has done more to shape my vies of the world and representative democracy.

It is of fundamental importance for anyone who is interested in trying to make sense of the Cold war, the war on Terror, International Politics, and the danger and nature of ideology.

Broken up into three parts it can be found in my side bar or here (scroll down near the bottom) I seriously can not recommend this Doc enough, the arguments compelling, the narration inspiring, its footage interesting, hell even its use of music (Brian Eno's 1970's another green world)is fantastic.

His other works are also very very good. Charlie Brooker also seems to think so, alot of the Newswipe vids I embed contain "mini-docs" by him, you'll recognise them as the parts were Charlie has to give ridiculous disclaimers like this one.

I really can not recommend this one enough folks.

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